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Ceramic Baby Manatee Sculpture ($46)

Manatee Nugget is watching you.

Ooh, manatee-shaped baby teething toy ($10.50)! Or a manatee who got hit by a cannon ball cartoon-style.

It’s after Thanksgiving and not yet Christmas, which means IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT MANATEE THINGS YOU COULD POSSIBLY GIVE TO PEOPLE AS GIFTS! I’ll poke around the internet/Etsy for the best/worst in manatee-related products and share it all with youuuuuuuuuuu.

If you like crocheting, this Manfred the Manatee amigurumi pattern may be up your alley. Aw, Manfred, you’re so fat! …Or that might be a medical condition you should get checked out.

I hope someone out there really wants a manatee-shaped collage made out of salvaged butterfly wings. That person would totally flip his/her shit over this butterfly wing manatee collage on Etsy.

Capturing the elusive Plush Manatee is no easy feat. Surely this Recycled Toy Taxidermy Manatee Head Refrigerator Magnet is worth your $5.99.

You weren’t thinking of getting married without this manatee couple wedding cake topper, right? Yeaaah, I thought so.

This manatee wall sculpture will go great in your rumpus room death-by-manatee nightmare room.

These Florida manatee sugar cookies really capture the Florida manatee experience, including boat propeller scars.