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From The Onion comes… "I Saw Manatees Gang Rape A Crippled Manatee Once, Really - Horrifying Planet - Ep. 10"

That title pretty much covers the story. …Watch at your own risk. Or don’t! Just look at this cute baby manatee.

Aw, this manatee just wants to paddleboard wichoooo. …Or it’s sick and desperately needs help. I dunno.

Video from 2007lynne on Youtube.

A lil’ video of a momma and baby manatee! SeaWorld had rescued the pregnant and injured manatee in June; last week the manatee gave birth. Some more info from care2:

June 8 SeaWorld was called to Merritt Island, FL to help the 10-foot-long manatee who had severely injured her front right flipper on a crab pot line. The animal had also become tangled in a fishing line that wrapped around both of her front flippers.

Veterinarians had to amputate the right flipper of the 1,380 pound female while they bandaged her other wounds. Soon after the team began to suspect the manatee was pregnant, based on her plump size. A sonogram confirmed the pregnancy and six weeks later the calf was born.

Interesting video from National Geographic about building a special high-frequency boat alarm to ensure manatees don’t get hit by boats. YAAAY!!!

Or just jump to the 1-minute mark and watch a manatee seemingly gnaw at a diver’s head. HEEHEE.

A clip of World freediving champion Tanya Streeter swimming with Antillean manatees in Belize from BBC’s Dive Caribbean.

If I had a baby, I could probably do this all day long.

Video by Erin Rothfus.


Get the carrot, manatee…I know you can do it…y…yes…YES YOU GOT THE CARROT GOOD JOB.

Video by makasza on YouTube.

Manicuring a Manatee,” a promo video for Why You Were Off.

Methinks they didn’t get a real manatee to make those sounds.

Group of manatees frolicking (/mating) in shallow waters. Feisty. More info at